How to create a Video Resume or Profile?

Video is the future! Are you ready for it? This article will show you how to create your Video Resume or Profile, upload to YouTube and display it here on on your Resume or Profile!

You can create your awesome video resume right on your smartphone or tablet, upload it to YouTube and include it in your resume on Jobmatic.

How to create a Video Resume?


Points to remember:

  • Keep your video resume to no more than 60-90 seconds.

  • Starting with an intriguing question to captivate viewers attention could be a cool approach.

  • Give a quick introduction of your name and the kind of job you are looking for.

  • Tell briefly your past experience and how it is relevant to the position you are applying for and any awards or accolades you received, languages you speak, etc (value proposition - the value you bring to the table). Explain why you are a 2X-10X candidate.

  • Narrate why you are unique and how you stand out.

  • Express yourself why you are special - your strengths, cheerful demeanor, smile, team play, willingness to help others...

  • Closing statement - this is your "punchline", your CLINCH - throw it all at them. Sound and look confident - your confidence in yourself should give the viewer the confidence to hire you!

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There - you have it. Wasn't that easy??

Create a script of your video resume, rehearse it - IN FRONT OF A MIRROR - until you are confident of rendering it comfortably. Make sure you don't go over 90 seconds. Remember - practicing it in front of a mirror is the key for "rapid" improvisation. If you want, you could record your pitch and listen to it anywhere later and polish it to perfection. Show it to others to review for constructive feedback and candid suggestions.

Edit the video if necessary and upload it to YouTube. You could do all of this right from your smartphone and using its Camera!!


How to display your Video Resume or Profile on Jobmatic?

Go to your video on YouTube, copy the link/URL of the video from the address-bar of the browser or by right-clicking on the video and paste it into the following on your Resume or Company Profile form here on Jobmatic and Save:

That's it!!

Do you know you can also upload your Photo from Resume or Profile form? Employers can also upload their company logo. The photo, logo and video will display on your resume, job-postings and company profile pages.

Here is an awesome, short-n-sweet Video Resume by Emily:


Here is a funny one by David:

10 Video Resume Mistakes (don'ts) from Tom:
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