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StaffEx Jobs - Employment Portal & Social Network

Welcome to StaffEx™ -
the futuristic Employment Portal & Social Network

At StaffEx™, we've revamped our job site offering you very affordable job posting that comes with free, unlimited and world-wide Resume Database Access License. Our services to Job Seekers are completely free. Further, StaffEx offers professional-networking, social-recruiting, etc at no cost to everyone:

Employment Portal -

Social Network -

We invite you to avail this offer and post your resumes and job openings on StaffEx. Our web site has intuitive and user-friendly job/resume posting forms supported by our powerful search engine. Further, for over 17 years, we have our presence on the Internet, positioned very well on search engines and any job/item posted on our web site is indexed/seen by search-engines in hours.

StaffEx™ is a decent and futuristic employment portal with social-networking, career-networking,
professional-networking and social-recruiting features. We've designed the world's finest and the most comprehensive job and resume database, ever - with Photo, Video Resume, Audio Resume, Document Resume, Job Application Form, Company Logo, Certification Logos, Job/Candidate location Maps, Networking Profiles, Portfolios, Blog, Website, Groups, Email, Contacts, etc - to enable you to create outstanding Job Ads and stunning Resumes with all the quality-rich interface StaffEx offers:

  • Job-Seekers: Search Jobs, post up to 3 Resumes (only one active) with multiple combo-columns to build matrices of your attributes such as skill-set/experience/work-authorizations/networking-profiles/education/languages/references, setup Job Alerts, apply to Jobs, Flag Jobs, Rate Jobs... Here is a readable, searchable and beautifully formatted Sample Resume using our powerful Resume Builder wizard.
  • Employers: Sub-Accounts, Bulk-Import Jobs (File or XML feed), syndication ofposted jobs to job-aggregation sites such as SimplyHired/Indeed/etc, attach Questionnaires to Job Ads, Flag Resumes, Rate Resumes, Applicant Tracking, Social Recruiting, multiple combo-columns to build matrices, automatic compilation of Job-Seeker Requirements, Post Jobs, search Resumes, Saved Searches, setup Resume Alerts, contact Job-Seekers, Employer Index, Featured Employers with Logos, Photos, Videos... Here is an elegantly formatted Sample Job Ad using our simplified Job-Posting form.
  • Manage: Upload your resume/application-form, photo/logo, video, audio, Google Voice and specify networking-profile links such as your website/homepage, blog, portfolio, professional network, social network, forum/group, other networking, certifications/logos, maps, etc.
  • Job Syndication/Distribution: Most importantly, we automatically RSS-feed all jobs posted on our site into the following job-aggregation sites on a daily-basis for maximum coverage/views, relevant response and ROI for our employers:

  • StaffEx Jobs - Job Search Results & Job View page

  • Social NetworkCreate a personal branding for yourself on Articles, Blogs, Forums, Groups, Chat, Friends, Albums, etc. Our large forum includes 300+ subforums covering every imaginable topic on technology, business, economy, employment, education, etc.
  • Social MediaTight integration with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc on both, our Employment Portal as well as our Social Network - enabling job-seekers and employers to share/tweet/like/recommend jobs, articles, forum posts, etc to their Facebook/Twitter/etc accounts right from our web-pages without having to visit those sites. Site-chat, IM-chat, multi-chat, Media-bar on each page, drag-to-share, highlight-to-share, direct integration with Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Advice: Watch videos, movies, documentaries, interviews, career-advice...
  • News: Read latest news on Technology, Business, Economy, Sports...
  • Mobile:
  • RSS Feeds:

  • Pricing: Very affordable (up to 82% less than competitor's prices) with 30-day Free Trial (NO credit card required)

  • More Information:

The combination of the products and services we provide at StaffEx™ offers our users a unique, interactive and engaging experience. Imagine yourself writing an article or a blog! Or commenting on other's blog posts! Or responding to questions on forums and solving others' problems! Or chatting with others. All the while - searching for jobs or resumes or networking. It's a rich and powerful experience that you have got to experience. We offer high-quality, powerful, intuitive and user-friendly web forms with virtually zero data-entry (point-n-click) where most of the job-description or resume is auto-magically created for you. By the time you finish reading a job Ad or a resume, most of your questions will have already been answered - saving your precious time from having to interact with irrelevant ones and stay focussed. StaffEx is different.

Try theirs - try ours - decide for yourself. Just remember, StaffEx™ is very affordable solution for employers and free for job-seekers.

Post your jobs or resume on StaffEx now! You will be glad you did.

Welcome - to the future...

StaffEx™ Team
Work richly!™

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